About Hip Resurfacing Surgery- The following is provided to you by WorldMed Assist, Medical Tourism experts, and contains general information that may not apply to you. You should consult with your physician about your specific situation.

What is Hip Resurfacing?
Hip Resurfacing is a type of hip replacement which replaces the two surfaces of the hip joint.
The procedure is very bone conserving as the head of the femur is retained. Instead of removing the head completely, it is shaped to accept an anatomically sized metal sphere. There is no large stem to go down the central part of the femur and the surface of the acetabulum (the socket) is also replaced with a metal implant, which is press fit directly into the bone.
The resurfacing components are made of As Cast cobalt chrome which is finely machined to produce a very high quality surface with a low friction finish, hence low wear. The BIRMINGHAM HIP™ Resurfacing has the largest independently verified clinical history of any resurfacing device available today.

This operation is primarily intended for use in people who are in need of a hip replacement at a younger age and therefore are likely to be more active. There are certain causes of arthritis of the hip which mean that this technique cannot be used - namely those which have resulted in extreme deformity of either the head of the femur or the acetabulum.
For people needing a replacement under the age of 55, regular consideration is given for this procedure. People aged between 55 and 65 who are very active and otherwise fit may also be suitable and this will be determined by their bone quality and activity level.
Patients who need to have hip replacements under the age of 50 - 55, assuming they have normal life span, have a very high chance that the conventional hip replacement will wear out and need to be replaced during their lifetime - hence the resurfacing procedure offers potentially significant advantages in this group.

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