Maurice Moreau, New Orleans, Louisiana

Hip Resurfacing in Belgium

With my newly resurfaced hip, I no longer have bone rubbing on bone. I’m pain free, the headaches are gone, and I’m no longer limping. Thank you, Wouter, for staying in constant touch with my wife and me before, during and after the surgery, and for finding Dr. De Smet in Belgium. A fellow-patient told me he was the best in the world, and I believe it! I want you to come to New Orleans for dinner to celebrate!

In 2005, I dislocated my hip, and the doctor at that time said I’d be facing hip replacement surgery sometime in the future. By 2007, the pain was pretty intolerable. I’d developed a limp that made it very hard to get around, and my headaches were constant. I couldn’t afford surgery until I’d settled the lawsuit I filed as a result of the incident that dislocated my hip. I won the settlement and started researching options for my hip. I discovered a procedure called hip resurfacing but because it had only been approved by the FDA in 2006, couldn’t find a U.S. doctor who had a long enough track record to give me confidence. Because I’m an active guy, resurfacing appealed to me as an alternative to replacing the entire joint.

My research led me to explore international alternatives, and that’s when I came across Wouter Hoeberechts and I talked several times, exchanged lots of e-mails. He found two hip resurfacing specialists in the hospitals he contracts with—one in Belgium and one in India. My wife and I were much more comfortable with going to Belgium, even though the price, at $20,000 including travel and lodging for both of us, was higher. I couldn’t even get a reliable quote in the U.S., but I know this is at most 1/3 of what it would cost here.

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Wouter provided us with detailed information about Dr. De Smet. Dr. De Smet had done 2100 resurfacings, so I knew I was in good hands. Once we made our decision, Wouter took it from there. He made all the arrangements for the surgery, set up our travel and lodging, and all we needed to do was get on the plane on September 10 to fly to Belgium.

Two days later, my surgery was done. Everything was flawless. The hospital was incredible—state of the art. I felt like I was in the space shuttle. Everyone spoke three languages, and English was never a problem. I knew before I left home that Dr. De Smet was highly skilled, but I was amazed one day to see a U.S. doctor visiting him for training! A fellow patient told me he was the best in the world, and I believe him!

I was discharged after two days to a recuperation villa near the hospital, a facility Dr. De Smet runs. Therapists had me exercising in the hydrotherapy pool, taught me how to walk with proper alignment and kept me on a strict regimen of stretches and exercises. The treatment and hospitality were both amazing.

Twelve days later, we were on our way home, with no limp, and no headaches. The only pain now, which is temporary, is from the stitches and the tenderness in surrounding muscles. Now I can get back to full swing running my business. And I want Wouter to come to New Orleans for dinner to celebrate!

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