Pitt Meadow, British Columbia—Before Bill Moore decided to pursue gastric bypass surgery abroad, he had tried every diet, every exercise program, and every ounce of will power to reduce his weight and alleviate the joint pain caused by the extra pounds that were stressing his frame.  But each effort ended with the sad result of the scale eventually creeping beyond its previous high point.  In August, at 299 pounds, he found himself unable to move for a week after a round of golf.  He knew it was time for serious measures.

Moore had researched gastric bypass surgery, and had talked to his doctor about it.  “The problem,” he explained, “is that in Canada, it takes two to three months to see a specialist, then there’s a two to three year waiting list. I informed my doctor that I would be checking out other countries.”

In October, he and his wife had some deposits coming due, so the time was financially ripe to pursue his options abroad.  He hit the internet, and keyed in Medical Tourism.  “I sent feelers to about five companies specializing in medical travel, but only one—WorldMed Assist in California—responded immediately and stayed in close touch with me from that very first contact,” Moore said. 

“I tried exploring options with the other companies, but they just weren’t dependable.  I was nervous enough about what I was about to do; having confidence in the company that would facilitate all my arrangements ranked very high on my list of what was important.  They took a personal interest in me.”

WorldMed Assist rises to patient’s timeframe challenge

His compressed timeframe complicated his search for a global healthcare facilitator.  He wanted to be healed from the surgery in time to move with his wife into their new apartment in mid-December.  WorldMed Assist took the challenge in stride. 

“I contacted WorldMed Assist the end of October, and in about two weeks, I was in the air, on my way to India.  I had the surgery on November 20th and was home 10 days later.  I was very impressed they could pull it all together so quickly.”

Speed wasn’t the only aspect of the journey that impressed Moore.  “WorldMed Assist presented multiple hospitals.  I checked them out, both on-line and through my doctor.  Wockhardt Hospital was the most impressive.  It’s affiliated with Harvard Medical and has international accreditation.

“I was equally impressed with the surgeon WorldMed Assist works with at Wockhardt.  Dr. Goel had trained in the U.S., and he’s a professor with extensive experience.  I was still nervous about having the surgery—who wouldn’t be!  I was going by myself, to a country I knew very little about, to a hospital I’d never before heard of.  But after all my research, made easy by the detailed information WorldMed Assist provided about gastric bypass abroad (http://www.worldmedassist.com/Gastric-Bypass-RNY.htm) I was confident I was making a good choice and would get high quality care.”

Moore was met at the airport to be driven to the hospital to begin a 2 day battery of pre-op tests.  “I don’t have much experience to compare with, but I was pretty amazed at all the tests they ran to make sure there were no uncertainties about the surgery.  My test results were in a folder an inch thick!”

WorldMed Assist stays in constant contact

After the surgery, Moore was held in ICU on a ventilator for an extra day.  “During that time, WorldMed Assist was in constant contact with my medical team, and relayed status reports regularly to my wife, which was a great relief.  She was pretty nervous, but World Med Assist helped her stay calm by being able to tell her that my situation was stable and continuously improving.” 

His only complaint?  “They had a serious shortage of size XXX pajamas—a pretty small worry.  The liaisons, nurses, orderlies, were all great, and communicating in English was never a problem once I tuned into their accents.”

As is the case with most patients who travel overseas for surgery, tourism became a pretty low priority for Moore.  The non medical highlight of the trip was that Dr. Goel and his wife took him to an Indian wedding reception one night. 

Moore arrived home 30 pounds lighter, and will stay on a diet of pureed food for three to five weeks, with a liter of water between each meal.  His goal is to get to 170 pounds—“if I don’t just float away first, with all this water,” he said with a grin.

About WorldMed AssistExperts in medical tourism, WorldMed Assist’s mission is to improve lives by helping patients receive high quality medical treatment abroad at affordable prices. WorldMed Assist coordinates and simplifies every aspect of care and travel. WorldMed Assist also provides medical tourism as an option for self-insured businesses seeking expanded and affordable healthcare options for employees. Doctors and hospitals in India, Turkey, Belgium and Mexico are carefully selected to match each client’s specific needs. Procedures are significantly less expensive than in the U.S., yet delivered with the same or higher quality care and results as set by U.S. standards. Waiting times are virtually eliminated, track records are proven, and facilities are state-of-the-art. For more information, go to www.WorldMedAssist.com.

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