Gastric Bypass Surgery in India

Patient testimonial: Bill Moore

I just returned home to British Columbia from having gastric bypass surgery in India.  Because I'd have had to wait two to three years to get this surgery in Canada, I informed my doctor that I would be checking  out other countries.   I hit the internet and researched several medical tourism companies. I chose to look into my options and facilitate all the arrangements. 

They were great to work with.  The other companies just weren't dependable—they wouldn't return e-mails promptly, didn't keep commitments, or didn't follow through.  I was nervous enough about this surgery, and wanted a company that I could have complete confidence in, especially once the medical aspects began.  I was never disappointed…and in fact was very impressed with how close WorldMed Assist stayed in touch before, during and after my surgery. They took a real personal interest in me.

WorldMed Assist put my request on a fast track because I wanted to be home and recovered in time to move with my wife into our new apartment in mid-December.  I contacted them the end of October, and within two weeks, I was on my way to India.  I had the surgery November 20 and was home 10 days later.  I was impressed with how quickly they pulled everything together, but even more impressed with how they helped me choose which country, which hospital and which doctor. 

I checked out all the options they provided, and chose Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai, India.  The hospital has JCI accreditation, which my doctor in Canada assured me was very important.  It's also associated with Harvard Medical, which further boosted my confidence.  Another big reason for choosing Wockhardt was my surgeon, Dr. Goel.  He's a professor, U.S. trained, and has extensive experience in gastric bypass surgery.  His credentials were superior to the surgeons at the other hospitals I reviewed.

On November 17, I was met at the airport and driven to the hospital to begin a three day battery of pre-op tests.  I don't have much experience to compare with, but I was pretty amazed at all the tests to make sure there were no uncertainties about the surgery.  My results were in a folder an inch thick!

The hospital was clean, modern and efficient.  I never had any trouble communicating with anyone on staff once my ear tuned into their accents. My only complaint: they could use a larger supply of size XXX pajamas!

After the surgery, I was held in ICU on a ventilator for an extra day.  During that time, WorldMed Assist was in constant contact with my medical team, and relayed status reports regularly to my wife, which was a great relief.  She was pretty nervous, but World Med Assist helped her stay calm by being able to tell her that my situation was stable and continuously improving.

Because I was in India alone, touring was a pretty low priority.  The non medical highlight of the trip was that Dr. Goel and his wife took me to an Indian wedding reception one night.    

I arrived home 30 pounds lighter, and will stay on a diet of pureed food for three to five weeks, with a liter of water between each meal.  My goal is to get from my starting point of 299 to 170 pounds—that is, if I don't just float away first, with all this water.

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