Angela Jones, Dalton, GA
All my life, my weight has been like a yo-yo.  In 2002, I was at a pretty good weight, but then I went through emotional turmoil and gained 70 pounds in three months.  I ate constantly.  My weight really bothered my oldest son…it was embarrassing to him, plus he wanted me to do things with him that I was uncomfortable doing at that weight.  In 2005, I met my current husband, and had a whole new motivation to get rid of the extra pounds.  But nothing worked.
I needed a solution to lose weight and keep the pounds off for good.  I had friends who’d gone to Mexico for Lap Band surgery – two who each lost 150 pounds so I started looking into it.  I really like that Lap Band is adjustable, reversible, and fast to recover from.  Even if I could have afforded the $20,000 for Lap Band surgery at home, doctors here wouldn’t do it because my Body Mass Index was just below the minimum requirement.  I had Lap Band Surgery in Mexico for less than $8000, everything included.
I found several companies that would make the arrangements for the procedure in Mexico, but very quickly chose medical tourism company WorldMed Assist.  They called me right back after my first inquiry, and made me feel very much at ease.  They were there for me throughout the whole process, and customized arrangements to meet my specific needs.  They gave me all the background information on my Lap Band surgeon, Dr. Lopez Corvala, and encouraged me to do my own research.  I felt very comfortable with my decision before I left for Mexico.
I had the surgery on January 10.  I flew from Georgia to San Diego, CA, leaving the house at 3:30 a.m. to arrive at the hospital, just across the border, before 11 a.m. Mexico time.  I was picked up at the airport, and driven to Hospital Angeles.  I had the surgery later that day, and was home two days later. 
I’d seen the hospital on the internet, but it was even more impressive in person.  Very new, very modern.  Everyone was super nice.  My doctor, Dr. Lopez Corvala, had done more than 3000 Lap Band surgeries so I was very comfortable with him as well.
Six weeks after the surgery, my Lap Band will be filled with saline solution.  The Lap Band creates a second, smaller, stomach pouch which fills up more quickly to make me feel full faster.  WorldMed Assist, helped me find a fill center that’s only an hour away from my home. 
I plan to get to my goal weight by the fall.  The amount of saline injected into the band determines how fast you lose weight because the tighter it is, the faster you feel full.  The hospital urged me not to take it too fast, and recommended I plan on 10 months so I can maintain good nutrition.
The surgery is an experience I’d highly recommend to anyone who can’t manage their weight with more traditional methods.  And WorldMed Assist was super to work with.  I’m so glad I found them!

About WorldMed Assist

Experts in medical tourism, WorldMed Assists mission is to improve lives by helping patients receive high quality medical treatment abroad at affordable prices. WorldMed Assist coordinates and simplifies every aspect of care and travel. WorldMed Assist also provides medical tourism as an option for self-insured businesses seeking expanded and affordable healthcare options for employees. Lap Band Surgery in Mexico and India is significantly less expensive than in the U.S., yet delivered with the same or higher quality care and results as set by U.S. standards. Waiting times are virtually eliminated, track records are proven, and facilities are state-of-the-art. For more information, go to