By Robert Lupo, Santa Rosa, CA

I was in the middle of a construction job when my hip finally said, “No more!”  I couldn’t get up the stairs.  I told the guy I was working for I’d have to give up—he could wait for me to have hip surgery, or he’d have to find someone else to finish the job. 

I’d already had x-rays and knew I couldn’t afford the $60,000 I’d been quoted by my doctor.  I checked out other hospitals throughout California, but couldn’t get anything close to what I could afford.

A friend knew someone who had hip surgery in India.  At first I thought surgery in India was a joke, but then someone else mentioned India to me, so I started checking more closely.  I checked a few options in Mexico and the Philippines but found India offered the best price, and I was satisfied that the quality would be very high. 

I knew I couldn’t set this up on my own—I can barely send e-mails, let alone do much computer research.  I came across a medical tourism company to make all my arrangements, but found they wanted to book me a frilly vacation along with the surgery.  I’m self employed, so getting over there, getting my hip replaced, recovering and getting back to work was my top priority.  I then found WorldMed Assist, and they agreed:  let’s get my hip fixed and get me back to work.  I liked them right off the bat because they really understood what I wanted. 

I checked WorldMed Assist out through the Better Business Bureau, and was satisfied they could take care of me.  They got back to me right away with a couple of options in India, and I chose Wockhardt Hospital in Bangalore.  Three weeks after I made my decision to go, I was on a plane to India.  WorldMed Assist put everything together really quickly, soup to nuts.

I was a little nervous, but mostly about flying.  I’ve been all over the U.S. on my motorcycle, but I’d never been on an airplane, and a 20 hour flight wasn’t something I looked forward to.  I’m a big guy—260 pounds—and squeezing into a seat was not something I’d like to repeat. Now that it is done, I’ve pretty much forgotten all about it. What helped is that WorldMed Assist warned me about this so I was prepared.

The rest of the experience was great.  I was picked up at the airport and driven right to the hospital—which was very modern and clean.  They put me through a bunch of tests right away, then set up my surgery for the following day.  Everything that WorldMed Assist told me was exactly as advertised.

I started physical therapy right after I got out of ICU.  I did even more exercises than they prescribed.  In fact, when they’d come to check on me, they’d have to look all over the hospital for me because I just couldn’t sit still.  Everyone was super polite.  I know now that surgery anywhere is no joke, including in India …my experience was great!

My total charge for travel, surgery—plus I had them do a colonoscopy I’d been putting off—was $10,000.  That’s one sixth what I’d have paid here.  Would I do it again?  I hope I don’t have to, but absolutely yes.