About Total Disk Replacement- The following is provided to you by WorldMed Assist, Medical Tourism experts, and contains general information about Total Disk Replacement Abroad that may not apply to you. You should consult with your physician about your specific situation.

What is Total Disk Replacement?

This blog describes a total disk replacement as performed at WorldMed Assist, medical tourism experts, partner hospitals abroad. The differences with the treatment in the US are that for instance Total Disk Replacement in India has a much longer hospital stay included than in the US.

During disc replacement surgery, the surgeon will remove the damaged disc and replace it with an artificial disc. The goal of this and most all spine surgeries is to help to reduce your pain and restore activity.

The goal of any artificial disk is to:

Maintain motion in the area of the spine where the disc is implanted

Maintain stability in your spine

Restore proper disc height between the vertebrae above and below the disc

Re-establish proper spinal alignment / curvature of your spine in the lumbar area

Reduce discogenic pain

Disk replacement is an alternative to spinal fusion for some patients. Your eligibility for disk replacement can only be determined by your doctor.

Total Disk Replacement Surgery

When undergoing total disk replacement surgery, you will be lying on your back and the surgeon will operate on your spine through an incision near your belly button. The surgeon will remove the diseased disc and replace it with an artificial disk.

There are alternative treatments to this surgery. You should discuss these other possibilities with your surgeon before you make your decision.

Total Disk Replacement Recovery

In most cases, immediately after surgery, your heart and lung function will continue to be monitored, and your doctor will prescribe medicines to control pain and nausea. The average hospital stay for disc replacement surgery is about ten days. Before hospital discharge your doctor will discuss a program to gradually increase your activity. It is possible that you will be asked to wear a back brace or elastic bandage to support your abdominal muscles after surgery.

Pain relief, the reduction of further degeneration and resumption of daily activities are typical goals of spine surgery. While both fusion surgery and artificial disc replacement can provide pain relief and stability, with spinal fusion the vertebrae surrounding the disc space are immobilized, and therefore limit flexibility in that area of the spine.Laboratory testing shows that the CHARITテ屋 Artificial Disc design allows the spine to move. In the U.S. clinical study of the CHARITテ屋 Artificial Disc from DePuy Spine, patients who had CHARITテ屋 Disc replacement surgery were observed to have motion between 0 and 21 degrees while bending forward and backward.The clinical study also demonstrated that patients who received the CHARITテ屋 Artificial Disc had pain relief and restored function no worse than patients who had fusion surgery two years after the surgery.The rates of complications were about the same between the two groups.Reports from Europe of patients who have had the CHARITテ屋 Artificial Disc implanted for 10 years or more show similar results.Nobody can guarantee that after disc replacement surgery you will never feel pain again or that your spine will fully regain its flexibility. If youre like the majority of spinal surgery patients, youll experience a decrease in pain and youll gradually be able to increase your level of activity. With your pain minimized or no longer an issue, your concentration level on task will be noticeably better.

Costs of Total Disk Replacement

Costs will vary, but one of the reasons people are interested in researching Total Disk Replacement abroad is due to the large cost savings that can be obtained. Cost in the US are in excess of $100,000, whereas the costs with our internationally accredited partner hospitals in India are approximately 10% of that.

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