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This study directly compared a minimally invasive dual-incision muscle-sparing surgical technique with a standard posterolateral approach in total hip arthroplasty to assess for early complications, clinical success, and alignment. Total hip arthroplasties using a minimally invasive, muscle-sparing, dual-incision approach were performed on 21 hips (20 patients). This cohort was compared to a contemporaneously performed group []

Please see article below that just came out in the Washington Post. Our Medical Tourism process supports what is recommended in this article, and then some. Unfortunately the statement made by assistant professor Bridges is also true: there are a lot of vultures out there. That makes the need for an ethical medical tourism company all []

 By Jerry Mead, Pekin, IN 
“India??  Are you kidding?”  That was the common response to my plan to have both my hips replaced in India. 
By the end of 2007, it was very apparent that I need a bilateral hip replacement to resolve my two-year onset of osteoarthritis.  My career in carpentry was over, and all []

Stacey Owen, Southport, FL
I’ve had a weight problem all my life.  For the last two years, I’ve been thinking seriously about bariatric surgery—nothing else has ever worked long-term.  I checked out several options lap band, and gastric bypass [RNY].but for me, they weren’t right.  A friend of my mother-in-law thought I should check out []

Angela Jones, Dalton, GA
All my life, my weight has been like a yo-yo.  In 2002, I was at a pretty good weight, but then I went through emotional turmoil and gained 70 pounds in three months.  I ate constantly.  My weight really bothered my oldest son…it was embarrassing to him, plus he wanted me to []

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