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By Robert Lupo, Santa Rosa, CA
I was in the middle of a construction job when my hip finally said, “No more!”  I couldn’t get up the stairs.  I told the guy I was working for I’d have to give up—he could wait for me to have hip surgery, or he’d have to find someone else []

 By Jerry Mead, Pekin, IN 
“India??  Are you kidding?”  That was the common response to my plan to have both my hips replaced in India. 
By the end of 2007, it was very apparent that I need a bilateral hip replacement to resolve my two-year onset of osteoarthritis.  My career in carpentry was over, and all []

Stacey Owen, Southport, FL
I’ve had a weight problem all my life.  For the last two years, I’ve been thinking seriously about bariatric surgery—nothing else has ever worked long-term.  I checked out several options lap band, and gastric bypass [RNY].but for me, they weren’t right.  A friend of my mother-in-law thought I should check out []

Rand Loftness, Shelton, WA
I was born with a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which basically is an electrical malfunction between the two chambers of my heart.  As I got older, the episodes became more frequent, and the symptoms got in the way of everything I wanted to do.  I went to a cardiologist last year, []

Steve Berg, Pioneertown, CA
Last October, I went to my chiropractor for an alignment to alleviate hip pain that caused me to pop 16 ibuprofens a day.  But through x-rays, my chiropractor learned I had severe arthritis, which required surgery, not an adjustment.  An orthopedic surgeon agreed, but I then learned a hip replacement would cost []

Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey
I just got back from my trip to Turkey for cosmetic revision surgery—breast augmentation and corrections to the rhinoplasty I had done four years ago in the U.S.  When I smiled, my nose was crooked, and it was hard to breathe on one side.  My doctor in the U.S. wasn’t interested in []

Weight loss surgery in India

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Gastric Bypass Surgery in India
Patient testimonial: Bill Moore

I just returned home to British Columbia from having gastric bypass surgery in India.  Because I’d have had to wait two to three years to get this surgery in Canada, I informed my doctor that I would be checking  out other countries.   I hit the internet and researched []

Hip Resurfacing in Europe

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Maurice Moreau, New Orleans, Louisiana
Hip Resurfacing in Belgium

With my newly resurfaced hip, I no longer have bone rubbing on bone. I’m pain free, the headaches are gone, and I’m no longer limping. Thank you, Wouter, for staying in constant touch with my wife and me before, during and after the surgery, and for finding Dr. []

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